Longevity is something we very much appreciate at Crave. Valued objects, cultural traditions, historical buildings, craftsmanship and lasting style. “Classic” and archetypal garments have a very obvious appeal, as do brands that constantly push their heritage and history, evoking notions of “timeless” quality. Crave-projects is not a fashion site embolden with the world of materialism, we try to create a fine mix of captured moments, sartorial inspirations and most importantly, inspire people to dress themselves according to their personality.

I once read that «stylishness» should be on the extension of each person, not the contrary. Dressing well lies in the ability to demonstrate the greatest degree of self-knowledge, understanding your physical manner and appearance.

“It can even be as simple as sporting a pair of crisp white Common Projects… Less is simply more.”

We spend most of our lives trying to define our personality, taste and style, it is a continuity, We become aware of our likes and dislikes. Archetypal garments matter, like a soft unstructured  sport jacket in brushed cashmere, a button-down shirt and a lovely pair of suede brown Dover’s. It can even be as simple as sporting a pair of crisp white Common Projects, a pair of navy trousers, a round neck sweater worn with the almighty Crave T-shirt underneath. Less is simply more.

It is the obsession to detail, the reinvention and subversion of the traditional and sensitivity towards fabrication, scale and proportion. Something that is life changing indeed.