The striking synergy that arises when souls with different skillsets
unite in the love for details that define profound style, design and living.
We are creative. We are cognizant. We are CRAVE.


By definition this web magazine and all other projects by Crave are hobbies, or part time (ad)ventures as we like to see it.
However, what all these projects have in common is the fact that they are fuelled by a full-time coherent lifestyle and personality.
Inspiration can be found everywhere. Ideas may occur whenever. These are the pieces that shape Crave…


CITY | Bergen
NHH (Norwegian School of Economics)
PASSIONS | Road-cycling, Vinyl and Travel
SKILLS | Coffee Brewing, Videography,
Concept Development and Affordable Fashion
HIDDEN ASSETS | Spanish and 5K-running


CITY | Oslo
OCCUPATION | Menswear Influencer
PASSIONS | Art, Architecture, Design,
Mensstyle, Photography, Music and Travel
SKILLS | Photography, Menswear, Rhetoric,
Stylist and Advertisement
HIDDEN ASSETS | French and Downtown Abbey



CITY | Skien
OCCUPATION | Economist
PASSIONS | Design, Fashion, Architecture
Travel and Football
SKILLS | Concept development, Strategic Planning and Business Relations
HIDDEN ASSETS | Bookkeeping and Sketching



CITY | Skien
OCCUPATION | Graphic Designer
PASSIONS | Graphic Design, Training, Menswear
Scandinavian Design and Football
SKILLS | Graphic Design, Creativity,
and Affordable Fashion
HIDDEN ASSETS | Illustration